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Pool Services
We honor ourselves in knowing that we provide top of the line swimming pool services from Open to Close.  Below we explain what each part of our service includes individually, as well as our worry free Total Maintenance Package!

Season Opening/Summarization
  • Carefully and neatly remove your safety cover and store it where you desire
  • Remove all winter plugs and store away for the season
  • Install all return fittings for pool and spa
  • Brush coping of pool where cover has left staining from the winter season and clean off rest of pool area.
  • Properly start up all pool equipment and make sure everything is running correctly.
  • Give the pool its initial chemical treatment to quickly and efficiently balance the water.
  • We then come back and backwash your filter when necessary to get your pool water clear and swimmable. 


  • Vacuum all debris from pool and spa
  • Lower pool water to proper winter levels
  • Detach all pool/spa fittings as well as automatic pool cleaners
  • Blow out all suction and return lines and install winter plugs
  • Add winter chemicals to pool and circulate
  • Properly winterize all pool equipment for the season
  • Install winter cover and secure.

Winter Service-

We've recently adopted our winter service program over the past few years.  It is an optional program which no other service company offers.  It is comprised of two visits over the winter months.  The first visit comes late October through novemeber depending on when all the leaves have fallen.  We make sure that we schedule our first visit after the landscapers have done their fall cleanup.  During the visit we pull back your winter cover and vacuum all depris and leaves which found their way under the cover from the fall season.  We then test and circulate necessary chemicals in your pool to maintain its health over the colder months.  Our second visit comes after the defrost where we perform the same service as the first visit.  We've found this program to be very advantageous for pool owners for a few reasons:

  • It prevents staining from leaves and debris which would otherwise be resting on the pool surface all winter
  • It prevents greener waters from opening as we test and add necessary preventative chemicals
  • It adds longer life to your pool equipment; especially your filter as the work it will have to exert will be less intensive.
  • Your pool will be up and running and swimmable within 24-48 hrs.

We've had great success with the customers who signed up for this plan the past couple of seasons.  It is highly encouraged as we guarantee and quicker, more efficient opening. 

Total Maintenance Program-

Includes all services required for pool season.  It is a worry free program. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SWIM! (optional). This program includes the opening and closing of the pool which are fully explained above.  This program also includes:

  • Weekly Service from Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • Test and Balance of pool water
  • Vacuuming and brushing of pool and spa surface
  • Proper maintenance of all pool equipment including automatic cleaners
  • All necessary pool sanitizing chemicals.(non sanitizing chemicals can possibly be needed)

Additional weeks service whether it be prior to Memorial Day or after Labor Day are not a problem and can be worked out.  A huge majority of our customers take part in our Total Maintenance Program.  We take great pride in this as it is genuinely worry free.

We fully understand the maintenance required for any type of pool you may have whether it be a vinyl liner, fiber glass, concrete, gunite, or above ground.

We realize that everyone's pool equipement is setup differently, so we have fully trained our technicians with the knowledge they need to service and maintain your pool in any situation.

Water chemistry is the most important part of keeping a healthy pool.  Many pool owners think as long as you keep the chlorine high everything is fine.  This is not the case.  There are many factors that go into keeping your pool water balanced properly.  Running your pool equipment with water that is not properly balanced can damage/corrode expensive equipement and as well leave your pool water noticeably unswimmable.  Lawn care, pool layout and landscape, water temperature, and many other factors all can affect the chemistry of your pool. Leave it to us to make sure you don't run into these problems so you and your family can get full enjoyment out of your pool!

(Please call or email us for specifics and pricing for all of our services and packages as we can customize any plan to fit your needs!!!)

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