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Safety Covers
Another one of our specialties is our ability to accurately measure, and once constructed, install your pools' winter safety cover.  We work hand in hand with Meyco Products Inc, a well respected company specializing in procuding high quality pool safety covers. 

If you are in the market for a new safety cover or you have a brand new pool that needs one, we can help.  We will come out to your home and assess the layout of your pool and speak to you about the options you have regarding types of materials for your cover, colors availble, pricing, etc...  We will accurately measure the dimensions for your safety cover and produce that information for Meyco to construct.  Once finished, they will send the cover to you and we can come and properly install it. 

We have installed many winter safety covers for our customers who have many praising things to say on our behalf.  Covers are expensive and we want to make sure you feel comfortable with us.  We can provide referrals at your request so you know you are making the right decision.  Please call or email us if you are interested in setting up a free consultation and estimate.

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