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Pool Cleaners
A nice addition to the weekly maintenance that we provide is owning an automatic pool cleaner.  These devices are great to own, especially for pools that are located in areas with heavy folliage.  They give our customers supplimental maintenance between our weekly services (pool cleaners do not maintain water chemistry).

There are many brands of automatic pool cleaners in the industry.  We find the "Polaris" brand pool cleaner to be the most effective and easy to use. (picture to the right).  The cleaner maximizes its potential when coupled with a "Polaris" booster pump.  This provides the most desirable amount of water pressure to the cleaner.  Other options are available as well so please inquire if you have any questions.

Our trucks are fully stocked with any parts that may need to be replaced if you currently own a cleaner.

Do you own another brand pool cleaner?  Not to worry! Our technicians are familiar with all other brand cleaners as well .
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