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Having your pool filter working properly is very important for the health of your pool water.  Without proper maintenance your filter could be allowing unwanted bacteria to return back to your pool.  One part of our weekly service is making sure your filter is working properly and maintaining the proper pressure needed for your pool system to be working appropriately and safely. 

As pool filters age, certain problems could arise.  If you have been maintaining your own pool for a number of years, you may notice that your pool is not clearing up as quick as it used when come time to open.  You might notice poor water circulation.  You might notice that the amount of chemicals that you normally add are not keeping their levels properly and you find yourself spending significant amounts of money on extra chemicals.  The problem might be with your filter.  Over time, the grids can rip or tear, certain internal parts can break which can cause the problems mentioned above.  Many times these parts can be replaced but sometimes it might just be cost efficient to replace the entire filter since the old unit has reached it useful life.

We service and install all types of filters.  The most efficient and widely installed types of filters are Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters.  These filters have the ability to filter out the smallest particles from the water as opposed to sand and cartridge filters, clearing your pool water quicker and easier. We can install any brand DE filter but we recommend Jandy.  We find they require the least maintainance and repair. 

Please contact us if you would like us to take a look at your existing filter or if you would like estimates on a new unit.

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