Experience, Reliability, and Professionalism You Can Trust!

1.  Can I have A Superior Pool Service perform just the opening and closing of my pool or do I have to purchase the Total Maintenance Package?
Yes!  We can customize any program to fit your needs.  We have a number of customers who purchase just the opening and closing. The Total Maintenance Package is the most cost effective service that we provide as it is a worry free program where you leave everything to us!

2.  Do I have to be a contract customer if I need new pool equipment installed?
     No.  We gladly will install heaters, filters, pumps/motors, computers, automatic pool cleaners or anything else you might need no matter if you are a contract customer or not.

3.  When does pool season start and end?
     As early as April and as late as October.  We recommend covering your pool before leaves start to fall heavily.

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