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Complete Renovations
Along with the installation and replacement of  new pool equipment such as heaters, filters, pumps, motors, etc., we also perform complete renovations on your pool and patio.   


Every 10-12 years, a swimming pool's surfaces, tile and coping start to show aging and wear.  Tile and coping may start to fall off; surfaces may become heavily stained and rough to the touch; coping starts to hollow out.  At this point, a total makeover may be in order.  There are many new and beautiful surfaces to choose from.  Stone and brick coping have become a popular alternative.  Many beautiful imported tile choices are available.  We'll be happy to show you all styles and options to make your pool look brand new!

Vinyl Liner Pools

The average useful life of a vinyl liner is apporximately 10 years. At this point we recommend to our customers to replace the liner before any leakage problems occur.  As vinyl liners age, they can develop small holes in the vinyl which will cause the pool water to drain.  One does not want to open their pool in the spring and find it empty and the walls collapsed.  There are all kinds of designs and styles when it comes to liners.  When you are ready for a new liner, we will provide you with numerous options to be sure you're satisfied.

Pool Decking and Patios

Complete renovations of patios and pool decking are another one of our services.  Pavers, Kool Deck, different types of stone, and Stamped Concrete are some of the options available.  We will be glad to bring these samples to your home.  Please call for a free consultation.

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